Franconian Wedding Soup5,90 €

Hearty homemade beef broth with liver dumplings, semolina dumplings, and pancake strips

Tomato Cream Soup5,90 €

Fresh homemade tomato soup, garnished with a dollop of cream and croutons

Main Courses

Oven-Fresh Pork Shoulder(Only on Sundays and holidays)14,50 €

Pork shoulder with a crispy crust. Served with homemade sauerkraut and dumpling

Braised beef14,90 €

Tender marinated roast beef with gingerbread-red wine sauce, served with dumpling and homemade red cabbage

Roast Pork13,50 €

Juicy roast from pork neck, served with homemade sauerkraut and dumpling

Szegediner Goulash15,50 €

Gently cooked beef stew with a tangy and hearty flavor from sauerkraut, bacon, and sour cream. Served with homemade bread dumplings.

Shashlik Stew with French Fries13,20 €

Hearty variation with fresh onion and bell pepper pieces, smoked bacon, and garlic

Delicious pan-fried schnitzel variations

All pan dishes are served with french fries or alternatively homemade potato salad.

„Viennese Style“11,00 €

"Hunter's Style"12,50 €

Breaded pork schnitzel with a homemade hearty mushroom and bell pepper sauce, enriched with smoked bacon cubes and the "smoky piggy."

"Mushroom Cream"12,50 €

Breaded pork schnitzel with a homemade mushroom cream sauce

„Pizza-Schnitzel“15,50 €

Breaded pork schnitzel topped with salami, mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes, seasoned with fine pizza spices and melted cheese.

Cordon Bleu13,50 €

Stuffed with cooked ham and cheese.

Pasta Dishes

Spaghetti Bolognese10,50 €

with freshly grated hard cheese

Linguine Gorgonzola 10,50 €

Vegetarian Dishes

Homemade bread dumplings 11,90 €

in fresh mushroom cream sauce

3 Potato pancakes7,50 €

with applesauce

Vegan Dishes

Linguine11,50 €

with wild garlic pesto

Fish Dishes

Redfish fillet13,80 €

with homemade potato salad and a small salad bouquet

Matjes Fillet "Housewife Style"12,30 €


All our salads are made exclusively with fresh and seasonal ingredients and served with a honey-mustard dressing.

Side Salad3,50 €

Mixed Salad Plate9,50 €

Salad Plate12,70 €

with Turkey Breast Strips

For our "next Generation"

Portion of French Fries3,80 €

with Ketchup and/or Mayo

Dumpling with Gravy3,90 €

Kids' Schnitzel7,50 €

with French Fries

Chicken Nuggets6,80 €

with French Fries

Spaghetti Bolognese6,50 €

Spaghetti 4,50 €

with Butter and Ketchup

Snack Menu

(from 5:00 PM)

Franc. sausages2 oder 38,90 € / 12,40 €

with sauerkraut and farmhouse bread

Baked Camembert9,80 €

wrapped in bacon on a bed of salad

Baked Camembertclassisc8,20 €

with lingonberries, toast bread, and a small salad bouquet

Currywurst8,30 €

with French fries

Franconian Obadzder9,90 €

with onion rings, bell pepper, and farmhouse bread

Sausage salad or Swiss sausage salad9,90 €

Baked potato7,30 €

with sour cream and side salad


Homemade pineapple fritters6,50 €

with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

Eggnog Sundae6,50 €

Vanilla ice cream, homemade eggnog, whipped cream

Vanilla ice cream6,50 €

with "tipsy" hot raspberries

Affogato al caffè4,50 €

Vanilla ice cream "drowned" in hot espresso

…. and with one of our:

Specialty Coffees

Cup of Coffee Crema2,50 €

Cappuccino3,00 €

Latte Macchiato3,50 €

Espresso2,50 €

Doppio Espresso3,80 €

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